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There are a lot of topics coming up in the next few weeks, including but not limited to proper footwear, an absurdly long list of Paleo websites, the relationship between soreness and injury, insulin and its effect on the body, and much more. In the meantime, here are some quick things I wanted to share with everyone...

First off, Lauren Polivka, Balance Gym's physical therapist, will be offering FREE Functional Movement Screens to Balance members next Wednesday, August 18th, from 5PM to 8PM. What is this?

The Functional Movement Screen is a 7-step movement analysis which provides the participant with information concerning their imbalances. The results let the examiner know areas of flexibility and strength that need to be improved and the participant's risk for injury. It is used in areas of professional sports and physical therapy clinics around the world.

So why should you care? Over time, people tend to develop muscle imbalances, movement impingements, and a variety of other problems that are ultimately limiting their performance. These can come from inflexibility, prolonged periods of sitting at a desk, poor posture, and so on. Lauren's assessment will help illuminate where your problem areas are and what needs to be worked on.

The sign-up sheet can be found at the front desk of the main gym. Each assessment last 20 minutes and, again, is completely free. In all honesty, if you care about how you feel and perform, you'd be a moron to not sign up. Sign up now before I decide to take your spot. I did mention it's free, right?

Next, the 30-Day Paleo Challenge is wrapping up and everyone who participated should thank CrossFit trainer Kari Utz for organizing it. For anyone who didn't join in, ask those who did about their results. Why do we support the Paleo Diet so whole-heartedly? Because it works damn it. But for anyone who may be confused or unsure or not ready to commit to anything with a title, start with this incredibly simple prescription: Eat Real Food.

And finally, I'm not sure if this makes me evil or anything, but I've been laughing at this video for three days now:

Sure, this has nothing to do with fitness, but I'll bet you're laughing. I think it's his hilarious yell of impending doom that does it for me. It's pretty much how I would picture a six-year-old yelling, "Fuuuuuuuck!"

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