For my third installment regarding competition, I thought I'd compose this little diddy for the hyper-competitive types. As I've said before, everyone should be compete in something, even if only for fun (really, it should always be fun). This is encouraged and will be a good experience for anyone. In fact, a lack of competition in your life could contribute to any feelings of suck you're having about yourself. Coach Rut from Bootcamp Fitness makes an excellent point...

"I believe our nation's competitive environment has made us a world leader in virtually every category. My concern now is that we are losing our competitive edge. So how has this happened? Like any issue there is no clear singular cut cause. A combination of factors contribute to this soft environment. I know that in my lifetime, I noticed a change in how competition was regulated when the boys participated in youth sports. Lots of participation trophies, hugs after the games and a clear agenda to make everyone 'feel good' about the experience. Physical Education programs have been watered down or eliminated. No scores, no clear winner, no touching - no competition. No exposure to competition leads to complacency. As we all know, this isn't the real world. Every day the best competitor comes out on top. Competition is not only healthy, it is necessary."

Basically, you can't spend your life doggy paddling in the shallow end with a pair of water wings on. Challenge yourself once in a while. In this same vein, there are people out there who don't just want to compete; they need to win. Like Ghengis Khan. There is nothing wrong with being crazy competitive, but it takes a lot of work, time, and commitment if you truly want to exceed yourself. So let this impending rant be dedicated to those who just want to dominate everything and be fucking awesome.

This guy exceeds himself everday. With pornstars and cocaine.

Let's face the facts: America (and likely the world as a whole) has gotten soft. The internet, Twilight, advancements in technology, Ryan Seacrest, and all this other crap has turned us into a bunch of pansies. Don't get me wrong, I love the internet and my car and all that, but shit, these days they cancel school if there's a chance of snow. Whatever happened to spanking your children, making them do manual labor, and not giving them backpacks with wheels. We're breeding a generation destined to lose to those who actually understand the concept of work and effort.

Destined to lose his lunch money.

"As a society we don't test because we don't want to know. We put the ball on a tee to be certain of a hit. Participation earns a trophy. Podiums have five steps. There is no penalty for losing. This, when virtually every coach and player and thinker agree that losing teaches the lessons; while winning results from having learned (and applied) those lessons. Without tests or boundaries, how is one supposed to grow? When everyone is a winner, who is left to learn the lessons?" -Mark Twight

So how do we allay this onslaught of weakness? How do we put a stop to the wussification of America? We take off the swimmies and jump into the deep end. We work our asses off day in and day out, we sign up for a shitload of competitions, and we win.

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  1. "destined to lose" Right on. And how will our descendants remember us? They won't. The'll be too busy dealing with Hell On Earth.