The Gunfight Update!

So we're only a few days out from The Gunfight: Honor Every Second. This Saturday, April 23rd, will mark the one year anniversary of Amanda Miller's departure from this life. Amanda was tough competitor, a friend to many, and an inspiration to all. This event is our tribute to her. Any and all donations received will go to the Melanoma Research Foundation to assist in their endeavor to combat this awful disease.

Amanda Rose Miller: July 16, 1985 - April 23, 2010

The event kicks off at 10AM with workout heats going until 2PM. Heats will consist of 4-5 people and will run every 15 minutes. Afterwards, there will be grilling and drinking. Classic Balance Gym style.

The Workout
At the 2010 CrossFit Games, the first event was named after Amanda to memoralize her in the annals of CrossFit. We felt there'd be no better way to remember her than to do that very same workout.

Snatch (135/95)

As this workout will be extremely tough - if not downright impossible - for some people, we have provided the following scaled versions so anyone of any skill, strength, or fitness level can participate.

Scaling Options:
C2B Pull-up
Power snatch + OHS (Load options: 135/115/95/75/65)

Power snatch (95/65)

Pull-up (band-assisted)
OHS (Load options: 95/75/65/55/45)

People are encouraged to donate on site either via cash or check. All proceeds will go directly to the Melanoma Research Foundation. If you're unable to attend, you're still encouraged to donate online HERE. Anyone who donates $100 or more online or on the day of the event will have his or her name put into a drawing for a free, one-hour Olympic lifting training session with yours truly. Singlet will be worn if so requested.

Other Info
I've been contacted by John Weiss of CrossFit 757 in Norfolk and they will be holding a similar event this Saturday. They will also be raising money for the MRF. Big thanks to him, his gym, and his clients for their support.

As I've mentioned before, Dave Lipson of 365 Days of Squatting is also in the midst of a brutal tribute to Amanda. He squats at least 450lbs. Every day. For an entire year. Dave has teamed up with AgainFaster to sell Amanda Miller t-shirts to also benefit the MRF. I highly recommend them. The material is great and the design is awesome - two pistols on the hips, just like Amanda's.

About Amanda
For more information about Amanda and her struggle with melanoma, please refer to her blog here. Her friend Emily posted the following in the comments after Amanda's passing...

"In this legacy you have left for all of us to ponder and reread whenever we struggle, you have touched countless lives, probably more than you could comprehend in life. Your short time on this earth and epic battle with an aggressive disease will be talked about and used as an example of the way to live life. Never let anything stop you and never give up. I love you to pieces, girl. I will carry you with me in my heart through every competition, struggle, and challenge in life."

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  1. A great tribute to Miller, I will love to donate as much as I can and also forward to my fellow mates. Great work you guys are doing.