Revisioned Olympic Weightlifting Class

Exciting news, folks! Yes, exciting enough to warrant an exclamation point, as stupid as they are. After discussing some things with the higher-ups at Balance, my Saturday Olympic weightlifting class is now FREE to all CrossFit Balance members. Prior to this, it cost $25 per attendee regardless of membership type. Considering the cost of a CrossFit membership (at any gym), it's only logical that programs like this be made available to the client free of any additional cost.

Despite this fine news, there is a catch: the class will be strictly limited to 4 students. Due to the complexity of the lifts and the variannce of skill levels among attendees, the smaller class size will prove more beneficial to the client and much more manageable for me. In order to secure your spot in the class, you must pre-register by emailing me here: qniversal(at)gmail(dot)com. Attendees are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. In other words, the first four people I get emails from will be the final four in the class.

Please note: If you email me, reserve a spot, then pull a no-show and effectively screw someone else out of a potential spot, you may get dicked over next time you try reserving a spot. In short, don't be an inconsiderate douche, if you can avoid it.

The Basics
What: Olympic lifting class - were you not paying attention?
Where: Balance Gym - Thomas Circle, 1111 14th Street NW, Washington DC
When: Every Saturday from 4:30PM-6:00PM
Why: Because you're probably not very good at O-lifting

You say, "Credentials?" and I say, "Booyah!"

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