2012 Capital City Open

Alright, I wrote the following copy (yeah, I'm fucking journalist now) to be posted on all of Balance Gym's various blogs. It's basically a request for people to come out to support a bunch of Balance athletes/lifters/coaches this Saturday. Here goes...

Come out to Balance Gym Kalorama (CrossFit Dupont) to support and cheer on your fellow members and coaches as they compete in the 2nd annual Capital City Open, an Olympic weightlifting meet where athletes will snatch and clean & jerk. Each lifter gets three attempts at each lift. The combined total of their two best/successful lifts determines their place. Balance will be represented by both members and trainers. Of the 52 total participants, Balance alone accounts for 16 total lifters! That's 30%. It is -- I used a calculator.

Let's be honest, you and I both know you don't have anything better to do this Saturday. Swing by Kalorama and watch some weight get thrown around. You may even catch a few of your favorite (or least favorite) trainers rocking some singlets. How can you resist now?

What: 2012 Capital City Open
Where: Balance Gym Kalorama
When: Saturday, April 21st from 10AM to ~6PM
Who: 12 Balance gym members and 4 Balance gym trainers
Why: To support your fellow members and coaches as they lift heavy-ass weight over their heads.


Session 1: 10AM-11:15AM
Novice Female (all weight classes)

Sarah Shyr
Morgan Reynolds
Emily Baskin
Ilda Bajraktari

Session 2: 11:30AM-1PM
Senior Female (all weight classes)

Leah Cochran
Cali Hinzman

Session 3: 1:15PM-3:30PM
All Men (69kg - 77kg)

Ross Paolino
Sergio Schwimmer
Jeff Jenkins
JP Goshco

Session 4: 3:45PM-6PM
All Men (85kg-105+kg)

Aaron Bolton (Bolt)
Eric Peterson
Ken Greenfield
Robin Habberly
Jim Bathurst
Chris "Tex" McQuilkin

All of the athletes listed above are Balance folks. Yeah, folks. Many have been training hard for months preparing for this competition. Some have been competing in Olympic weightlifting since 2010, while others learned the lifts only a few months ago. Regardless, they've all worked their asses off to lift some serious weights on Saturday. Want proof? I got proof for days, son!


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  2. Do you guys have these type of gyms for newbies too? I mean who are not that fit. And these weights seems heavy tho, Reply soon