The Hits Keep On Coming...

Chris set another huge PR this past Sunday. We started off with some foam rolling, mobility drills, and then basic positioning work with an empty barbell. Once I felt everything was in order, I let him clean & jerk from the floor, slowly adding weight. His previous PR was 220lbs.


Quick critique:
1) You'll notice Chris's hips rise a little early. Ideally, during the first pull, one's hips and chest will rise at the same rate. Like this.
2) You'll notice Chris's shoulders go a little soft on the jerk (at roughly ~17 seconds). Receiving the jerk with one's shoulders and elbows completely locked is crucial to a successful lift.
3) On his recovery from the split jerk position, he struggles. A lot. One reason is because... well, it's a lot of damn weight that he's never put overhead before. The main reason, though, is that he extends his back leg early rather than keeping it partially bent. This shifts the weight towards the front foot and forces him to inch backwards instead of taking the necessary half-step backwards. The ball of the rear foot should actually be bearing slightly more of the load
4) You can hear Christy Phillips and I arguing towards the end of the video. It gets cut off, but I assure you, I won.

My goal was to have Chris hit 250, but unfortunately I put him through too many attempts prior in order for it to happen. He actually cleaned 252 three different times but kept missing the jerk. I'm quite certain that with bigger jumps early on, he can hit 250 with relative ease.

And finally, Chris also did "Fran" in 2:58 last Friday. So basically, I hate him.

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