Quick Shout-out

Right off the bat, I have to admit that I have no idea how to punctuate the term "shout-out." Is there a hyphen? No hyphen? Should I capitalize the "O" or is it all one word? Whatever.

I just wanted to direct everyone to Dave Lipson's blog 365 Days of Squatting. I've never had the pleasure of meeting Dave personally, but he's a strength-heathen regularly featured on CrossFit.com obliterating weights. He has overhead squatted 345x3, split jerked 340, back squatted 500x3, and deadlifted 651. So... he's kinda strong.

Anyways, Dave's blog documents his training in which he squats at least 450lbs every day. For 365 days. He also mixes other strength work and metcons into it as well, but he pretty much must squat at least 450lbs every freaking day. Aside from this being a brutally awesome challenge, the best part is that he is dedicating this effort to Amanda Miller and skin cancer awareness. Kudos to Dave for this thoughtful and badass endeavor. I am hoping to plan a fundraising event at CrossFit Balance next year in memory of Amanda. Details will be coming in the future.

You can read more about Amanda here.

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