WOD - 03/05/10

Double-unders: 5 minutes
Kipping Pull-ups: 5 minutes

Overhead Squat: work up to 3RM

Mini "Flight Simulator"
5-10-15-20-15-10-5 of unbroken double-unders
(15 minute time limit)

Max Plank Hold (front/side/side) x 2/side
Rest 60 seconds between each

Full depth on OHS, stay tight and concentrate; sets of DU's MUST be unbroken during the metcon i.e. if you get 9 on the second set, you cannot move onto 15 until you have completed 10 consecutive DU's - this is test of technique and more importantly focus; 2 max holds for each plank position, resting 60 seconds between each


  1. Max Planck holds? Are we adjusting for uncertainty?

  2. Is that some sort of smart person joke? If so, it's obviously over my head.

  3. Hahaha awesome. I am certain of my max planks and they may be about 15 seconds. Winner.

  4. I think Quint thinks if we get multiple attempts, we'll at least be able to figure out a variance in our plank holds. With 60 second rests, I predict that my variance will be large. First attempt probably 2:30; second attempt probably :30.

  5. Greg, you fucking jerk, you stole the greatest joke set-up in history.

    As far as I'm concerned a Max Planck hold lasts for 1 x 10^-40 seconds...or something really small like that. I can't recall.

    Unfortunately, I bundied my ankle a bit and will be laid up for a while. I'll do parts of workouts that I'm able.

  6. Quantum physics reference right? So awesome.

  7. There are references on wiki to constants, logarithms, and the "temperature of the black body" which is given in Kelvin (K). Plancks Law written as an equation makes my eyes melt a little. Can't we go back to making grammar and/or gay jokes? I don't want to have to go back to school so I can post comments here.