WOD - 03/09/10

Mobility Routine:
DeFranco's Agile 8. Steps 5-8 only.

DB Reverse Lunges from deficit: 4 x 6/leg

4 Rounds:
Kirby Sprint
3 Weighted Pull-ups

Rest 3 minutes

5 Rounds:
30 seconds Box Jump
60 seconds Step-up
Rest 30 seconds

Mandatory Stretch / Foam Roll / Lacrosse Ball

Slow, deliberate, and light with DB external rotation - it's a prehab exercise; for pull-ups choose a heavy enough weight you can do for three reps without releasing the bar, you may also use just bodyweight or do kipping if you cannot do three strict BW pull-ups; head touches the ground on HSPU, woman may cut down ROM or perform band-assisted; for second part, to quote Mark Twight, "The Step-up intervals can be hard or very hard, it all depends on the pace. A good rhythm adds up to significant O2 debt. A somber pace is ... well, why bother?"; finish with long stretch and recovery work

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