The Dumbbell Bear

Just a quick heads up for you sadistic jerk-offs: I will be doing the DB Bear next Tuesday, April 20th, at 6:00PM. I know most of you just want to see me suffer as I so callously watched all of you suffer on that fateful day. And just to get my excuses out of the way ahead of time...

1) I haven't done a metcon since October.

2) This will likely follow a lifting session that I plan on doing earlier in the day.

3) Don't expect to be impressed.

4) This is going to suck so bad I've already scheduled a massage with Whitney and I'm planning on taking an ice bath immediately following this misery.

Despite my bitching, for all the work you guys have put in, I suppose 20 minutes of pain is the least I can do... buncha dicks.

Is it weird that I'm watching this video to get pumped up?

1 comment:

  1. I really hope someone can come and pick my gimpy ass up tomorrow so I can witness this. Sext me if you can.