WOD - 04/02/10

Mobility: DeFranco's Agile 8.

Rings: 10-15 Minutes
Men: Muscle-ups
Women: Ring Dips

20-rep squats @ 65-70% OF 1RM

1) Warm up to 65-70% of your last 1RM back squat
2) Once the bar is removed from the rack, it cannot be returned until all 20 reps are completed
3) You make take as much time between reps as you like
4) Be sure to have a spotter for safety (and probably to help you keep count)

Row 1000m @ 75% effort

Get serious on the rings - some of you need to hit a muscle-up already damn it; 20-rep squats are as much a mental task as a physical one - focus and get them all done; the row is simply to help your legs recover - it's not a workout; take an ice bath or you may be in more pain than you'd like...
"The seventeenth rep is done under conditions of accumulating lactic acid, the inability to satisfy an increasingly severe oxygen debt, blurred vision, aching feet, and a sensation that must be vaguely akin to drowning. And then you have to decide whether to do the eighteenth, which isn’t going to feel any better. The nineteenth and twentieth are going to be worse, and most people who have not experienced this before will quit. The ones who don’t will learn something about their own limits, and about the temporary nature of such adversity. Amazingly enough, the weight is not that heavy—the first rep and the last rep are both “light” compared to the way a heavy single feels—and the challenge is not really the generation of enough force to get back up out of the bottom. The challenge is doing it when you feel like you are about to die, when things other than making the bar go up would logically seem more important. If you have never done a set of twenty with a weight that you previously thought was a 10-rep max, you should try it sometime." -Mark Rippetoe on 20-rep squats


  1. Load has been increased to 65-70%

    Blame Pete for making it look too easy this morning.

  2. Haha I knew it! Way to ruin it for us, AM class! If I ever decided to wake up that early, I would make you pay...

  3. I believe that Rip has also said that by the 17th rep, you will be having conversations with dead relatives.

  4. Didn't think this workout was all that bad, until I tried walking down some stairs afterwards.