Official Standings & Team Roster

Bill, HMS, and Nick were all given the opportunity to try out today. Unfortunately, Bill could not make due to his work obligations to this stupid Nuclear Security Summit and HMS expressed that he will be too busy with work (and his badass band) to fully commit to training and Regionals. Nick, however, was eager and willing.

This morning, Nick finished the first workout in 6:41, finishing just 13 seconds ahead of Ryan for 2nd Place in Event 1. This afternoon, at a bodyweight of 154lbs, Nick clean & jerked 175lbs - once again, good enough for 2nd Place. Roughly 40 minutes later, Nick tackled the chipper. The little fucker finished in 12:30, over four minutes faster than Nate. After recalculating the final scores, Nick finished in 1st place overall.

Official Roster:


Congratulations to you all. An email with additional information will be sent to you shortly.

Everyone else, please know that you are all welcome and encouraged to continue following the A-Team workouts. Be warned, however, that I will be individualizing some of the programming to the above-mentioned people. Nevertheless, the workouts will still be available. Similarly, I encourage all of you to attend any announced Sunday team workouts - obviously, the more numbers, the better. Also, please keep in mind that in case one of the six individuals above is unable to attend Regionals, you are all potential alternates. If this happens, you may be notified last minute, which sucks, but it's another chance to compete.

Once again, thanks to all of you for everything. And congratulations to Primal's Official A-Team members!

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  1. Congrats to everyone! Kick ass at regionals!