Riding With Courage

For those that remember, Josh Courage came in 2nd Place overall at DC's Most Primal. He wore god-awful ugly Vibram Five-Fingers, but absolutely crushed the third workout of running, double-unders, and burpees. Josh also competed in the same Sectionals that Nick did last month. Josh finished in 10th place and earned an individual spot to compete at Regionals. He's a stellar athlete, a really nice dude, and has an undeniably marketable last name.

What people don't know is that the following Monday after Sectionals, Josh got on a flight to San Francisco. After spending a few days there, he began a cross-country bike trip to raise money for Children's Miracle Network. Naturally, he's calling this endeavor Riding With Courage.

I've been casually following his progress and he's been doing well - roughly 1200 miles into the trip so far. On Tuesday, however, he had an unfortunate incident. He hit some rocks, lost control of his bike, flipped, crashed, fucked himself up, and broke his thumb.

Regardless of this little setback, Josh is getting back on his bike tomorrow, determined to continue on. I'm not sure how his injuries (especially the thumb) will affect his ability to compete in Regionals, but I am sure that he doesn't care. He's far more committed to this bike ride, as he's been planning it for some time - and it's for a much better reason. So if you have the time, head on over the his blog and wish him well. And if you have the means, please donate to his cause. It won't pay for new tires on his bike or better footwear; all proceeds go to the Children's Miracle Network. Sure, you've already filed your taxes, but this will be deductible for next year... or something... fuck if I know how taxes work...

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