I need to address some things and I think it would be better to do it before Sunday's tryout. I don't want this to mind-fuck any of you, so don't fret over it, but the sooner you all know, the better.

1) Regional Information. I recently received an email regarding Regionals in Ohio. The email included basic information like timing, logistics, and potential hotel accomodations. The main issue is when the Affiliate competition takes place: Friday & Sunday – May 7 & May 9 – Start Time 9AM Friday. I just wanted to let everyone know this basic information ahead of time, especially for everyone who makes the team. Obviously, the sooner you all know, the easier making accomodations with travel and work will be.

2) Payment. Anyone who makes the team and can commit to traveling to Ohio for Regionals needs to give me a check or cash for $50. Each team is required to deposit a $300 entry fee, which I have already paid, so whoever makes the team will have to pay their share. People who make the team will then be provided with a link to register their personal information online in the CrossFit Regionals system.

3) Nicholas Hurndon, Father of Magnus. As most of you know, Nick recently competed in the DC/WV/VA Sectionals, placing 58th overall. Not bad for an old man, but unfortunately, he didn't make the cut to qualify for Regionals. He has expressed an interest in trying out for the A-Team and most of you seem more than fine with this. The current issue is this: Nick's mother will be visiting this weekend (he only sees her maybe twice a year) and he will be unable to attend the tryout on Sunday. He said he is willing to do the workouts whenever and I've offered to let him try on Tuesday. I will do my absolute best to mimic the event as close to Sunday as possible, ensuring he gets the same amount of rest, judging standards, and ridicule I give everyone else. Before committing to this enterprise, however, I want to be sure this is okay with all of you. Feel free to post your thoughts on this matter in the comments or email me privately.

4) Myself & Regionals. At this point, I don't want to say anything too finite, but there is a possibility that I will not be able to attend Regionals. Due to some issues with my job and shift partner, there is a slight chance that I will be required to work that weekend. Nothing is set in stone at this point and I will do what I can to derail this horseshit, but we shall see. Again, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up as you all have a right to know.

That is all for now. Please provide any and all feedback you can regarding all of these matters. And once again, good luck to all of you on Sunday...


  1. Quint just asked me if I had read this, which is why I'm checking at midnight. Normally I am not constantly updating this page to see what's new. Anyway, I think most of you already know, but I have an issue of my own, which is a stress fracture in my foot. This means I can't run for the next five weeks. I'm planning to do the tryout with some modifications, but mostly for fun (??), since I think it wouldn't be fair to count my scores, and because if I can't run for the weeks leading up to the competition, I'm not sure I'd be much help to you all anyway. I have offered to be the third woman on the team if you decide you need one, and then I could come in for events that did not require a lot of running. Whatever. After all that, I'm not sure my opinion counts, but I say let Nick try out Tuesday, no biggie. And if Quint can't go to the tryout, we all boycott. Woo!

  2. Nick has been working just as hard as the rest of us and clearly should get to try out. We'd all let someone else try out if they couldn't make it that weekend. The only issues I could think of is that the timing of his workouts should be reasonably similar to what we're doing, but you seem to have that covered. The other is that he should definitely do it as soon as possible so that affected people can make travel arrangements.

  3. This sounds like more of a subscription than an issue. I'm all for Nick trying out on Tuesday. Especially if we can watch, judge, and harass.

  4. Ooo agreed on the watch and harass part! (Obviously Nick should try out) Try to time this so it ends sometime when I can watch- especially for that final awful chipper.

    The Friday start could be an issue for me with work. I have absolutely no vacation time and am already going in the hole when visiting my mom next weekend. Plus I have to take a day at the end of the month for a wedding. And seeing that I started my job last week, I really don't want piss off my bosses.

  5. What time is this shake-down on Sunday?

    I know you all haven't seen me lately. Blame my new job, an ornary Vietnam vet, and the diamond on my baby-girl's finger.

    I'm still going to kick your asses... hard.

  6. It appears Bill is in the same boat as Nick. Due to his obligations as a Special Agent for the Diplomatic Security Service, he's been roped into working this weekend for this stupid Nuclear Security Summit.

    Do people have any objections to him trying the workouts at a later date?

  7. Again, no issue, but you've got to make sure that these people do this soon, since there are only a few weeks for people to make travel arrangements.