WOD - 04/21/10


It seems to have been decided that Wednesday will be a rest day for everyone. I think this will be optimal. If you missed Monday or Tuesday, however, you're welcome to come in and make them up. If you feel like coming in for some light recovery work, mobility, stretching, that is fine as well.

So our current breakdown will look like this:

Monday: Workout
Tuesday: Workout
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: Workout
Friday: Workout
Saturday: REST
Sunday: Team Workout

If you feel like an additional rest day would be to your benefit, feel free to take it as needed. Please just let me know ahead of time, if possible.

Food For Thought:

John Frieh, one of Anna's ex-boyfriends, makes a good point. I've obviously expressed some personal issues with CrossFit, but one thing I cannot deny: it pushes you mentally.

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