I Couldn't Resist...

Watch this video before you read on.

So naturally, "teamprimal" or "team-primal" was already taken so "weretheAteam" just seemed like the next logical step.

Anyways, here is the blog for our Affiliate Team adventure. This is where you'll find the day's workouts as well as videos, articles, and links filled with information discussing a wide range of topics (recovery, diet, technique, mentality, intensity, etc).

Even if you're not following this particular programming, I encourage you to frequent this blog for the above-mentioned resources. Again, feel free to follow whichever program you choose, so long as you're working your ass off.

Lastly, please be warned, when I write I tend to swear. A lot. If this offends you at all, please let me know and I'll do my best to keep it under control. Or I'll tell you to go fuck yourself. Until then, let's get to work!


  1. Why did you go with "weretheateam" instead of "wearetheateam"? It makes it seem so past tense. It's like "We were the A team, but alas, we are now but the B team in a cold, dark world."

    In other news, for our parody cast of Family Guy's parody cast of the A-team, I would clearly be bizarro Joe, because I have very strong legs and a dysfunctional upper body. Unfortuately, I cannot fire a machine gun with my legs, and therefore I am feeling decidedly less cool at the moment. Please cheer me up.

  2. Well said. Believe me, if HTML code allowed apostrophes, it'd make a lot more sense, but alas, this is what we've got.

    Also, I think firing a machine gun with your legs came up on CrossFit.com not too long ago. They're programming is top notch.

  3. Their (Q, I think you're overcompensating on your apostrophe use now) programming was great that week when they had like 6 heavy lifting days in a row, then two consecutive workouts that were 5k rows. But the best parts were the comments, because you got the cultfitters defending it. "Dude, coach knows what he's doing; these workouts are great. How dare you say that these workouts suck?" Quint, I expect your programming will be a bit better. Not that I don't enjoy doing 25 turkish getups for time.

  4. Hahaha.... damn it. I can't believe I spelled "their" incorrectly there. I typically never do that as I hate everyone who does.

    I will do my absolute best to provide the most effective programming for you guys. Something tells me 250 wall balls and 125 pull-ups is a pretty stupid workout.

  5. 250 wall balls and 125 pullups is a great workout! Coach knows what he's doing! How dare you question the almighty?!?!?!