URGENT! Your Vote Needed...

As I stated from the outset, due to all of the interest in being on Primal's Affiliate Team, we will have to have a in-house "tryout" to determine our final team. However, I would like to set a particular weekend for this event. Right now, I have two particular weekends in mind: 4/10-4/11 or 4/17-4/18. Here's why...

1) This competition will be intense and therefore, I don't want it happening too close to Regionals so team members can recover optimally.

2) This earlier date will also give me more time to focus on each athlete individually a few weeks prior to Regionals.

3) I'm currently leaning towards the earlier weeked (4/10-4/11) because it should ensure appropriate recovery before Regionals.

At this moment, I'm also leaning towards the Sunday of either weekend. A Saturday may prove easier for some of you, but Primal runs classes from 8AM-3PM, which would severely inhibit our ability to conduct an all-day event. To elaborate on that (and to further illustrate my love for numbered lists)...

1) The tryout will likely consist of multiple events, probably 3 or 4, testing as many aspects of fitness as possible (endurance, strength, technical skills, power, etc). Something like max handstand hold will NOT be an event (sorry, Eric).

2) If you do not make the team, you are more than welcome to continue following A-Team programming.

3) Similarly, like any competitive team we will have to have alternates in case any team member cannot travel to Ohio for some reason or - god forbid - gets injured.

4) At this point, we will probably field 4 men and 2 women for our team of 6. I apologize, ladies, but there are far more males interested. This will also put a large burden on the women competing, as they will have to compete in every event at Regionals. Again, sorry ladies.

So before I ramble any further, please post which weekend you'd prefer we host the Primal Affiliate Team Tryout: April 10-11 or April 17-18.

Thanks everyone!


  1. I vote for the first weekend.

    Matt S.

  2. I vote the second weekend. I also vote that "steal the bacon" be an event. How fucking awesome is that game?

  3. i vote second weekend.

  4. My vote is first weekend for more recovery time from holding handstands.

  5. The 1st weekend is the best for me.

  6. second weekend- first weekend is my birthday. Can we use real bacon?