WOD - 01/11/10

Double-unders: 10 minutes

Back Squat: Find 1RM
Shoulder Press: Find 1RM

3x10 GHD Sit-up / Back Extension

Work on double-unders for solid 10 minute block; get sufficient rest between 1RM attempts (at least 3 minutes); finish with GHD work; post loads to comments


  1. Things I noticed during the morning class today:

    1) I will likely avoid having two barbell exercises that require a rack on the same day. Jesse had front squats for normal classes today and 11 people came in at 6:30AM. So I likely won't have presses and squats on the same day anymore to avoid congestion.

    2) For people coming in tonight, please be mindful of everyone else (big thanks to Nate, Greg, and Peter PC for doing so this morning). Share squat racks, help change weights accordingly, and be patient, as I'm assuming a buttload of people will be coming in tonight.

  2. I didn't do the blog workout because I couldn't access it from work today. I did the Primal workout, then worked on handstand pushups and did the Bergener warm up a few times.

  3. I posted a picture of yesterday's workout so everyone can see each other's numbers. I will NOT be doing this everyday. You're therefore HIGHLY encouraged to post your numbers in the comments every day.