WOD - 02/01/10

Weakness: 10 minutes

Front Squat @ 40X3; 4-6 reps; 4 sets; rest 120 seconds
DB Shoulder Press 3x5 @ 75%

AMRAP in 3 Minutes of:
3 Burpee Pull-up
7 Squats

3x25 GHD Sit-up / Back Extension

If possible, choose different weakness from last week; strict tempo and rest intervals on front squats; for metcon, chest to deck on burpees, chin over bar on pull-up, full depth on squat and hips completely open at top; finish with GHD work


  1. Affiliate Cup Team Registration opens tomorrow!

    From the site: Team captain registers - $300/team - first come first served - can add team members as you know them - official team roster in by late April.

    How do we proceed? Q, are you going to register a team from Primal? Have you got 300 bucks kicking around?

  2. 155/55/I lost count, I think 6 rounds

  3. Yes, I'll be registering. Yes, I have $300 kicking around. It was going to be spent on a Russian mail-order bride, but I suppose that will have to wait.

    While I absolutely hate CrossFit's fleecing tactics, I hope everyone who makes the team is aware that they'll be expected to chip in, as I am not paying $300 by myself. For anything. Ever.

    Except Russian mail-order brides...

  4. 75/50/3 rounds + 3 burpee pull-ups

  5. Q - just make sure that you don't get a tranny. Those Russians are sneaky. ESPECIALLY the Russian trannies (trannys?). They hide razor blades under their tongue. Don't ask me how I know.

  6. Good lord, Eric. I have some stories from Thailand I could share, but I doubt they're appropriate for public discussion...