WOD - 01/20/10

L-Sit holds: 3 attempts at max holds; rest 120 seconds between attempts

Front Squat @ 30X2; 4-6 reps; 4 sets; rest 120 seconds; use 50% of Back Squat from 01/11/10 to start

DB Shoulder Press: 3x5 @ 60% of barbell shoulder press from 01/11/10

3x20 DB Sidebend (same weight as last week)
Superset with:
3x8 Toes To Bar
Rest 90 seconds

For tempo squats, use 50% of 1RM back squat for first set. From there, add weight accordingly. Tempo must be STRICT: 3 seconds down, immediately explode to the top, rest 2 seconds, repeat for 4-6 total reps, resting EXACTLY 2 minutes between sets. If form or tempo breaks down, terminate set and reduce weight for next set.