Weightlifting Shoes

I can't say this enough. I've told many of you and many of you have listened, but weightlifting shoes are downright vital to success. Certain movements will feel easier, strength will come quicker, technique and flexibility will improve - there's countless benefits to having your own pair of Olympic lifting shoes. Yes, they're pricey and yes, they're not the most stylish of training accessories, but damn it, they work. Here's a list of places where they can be purchased...





A few things worth noting:

1) Affiliate Team or not, if you're serious about getting stronger and therefore getting fitter, weightlifting shoes are crucial. Even more so if you wish to improve your Olympic lifts.

2) If you don't feel like buying Oly shoes, Chuck Taylors and Vibram Five Fingers will work better than sneakers. They are an acceptable substitute, but weightlifting shoes would still be best.

3) They are a little expensive, but they're cheaper than Nike Shox and will be much more beneficial than any Nike shoe you've ever purchased.

4) This is most important: DO NOT BUY WEIGHTLIFTING SHOES UNTIL YOU HAVE TRIED SOME ON AT THE GYM. Sizes between brands are all over the map, so get a good idea what size you should have and then order them.

I'm not trying to pressure you into buying new shoes, but believe me, they're an excellent investment. Ask anyone who owns or uses a pair and they'll tell you. Go ahead. Ask Anil, Anna, Christy, Nick, Bin, or ODB. Go on, ask 'em. I'll wait here.


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  2. Good post will sound advice. I'd like to add that you can find some really helpful reviews, articles and videos about all brands of weightlifting shoes at http://buyweightliftingshoes.com I keep getting conflicting information on sizing though.

  3. Most places I looked online were sold out unless you wear a size 5 or 15. I ordered some from www.muscledriverusa.com. They arrived in a few days. Jury is out on size as I have not tried them on but they were fully stocked and had a myriad of colors for those trying to match their short/shirt combo.