Two New Resources

Some of you may notice that I added two new links to the right side of the page...

The first is 30 Days at a Time, a blog owned and operated by our own David Croushore aka Swimmer Dave. In it, Dave maps out strategy's for goal setting, mental outlook, and a host of other crap. He didn't ask me to put the link up; I'm putting it because he has some good info on there. Unfortunately, he decide to post the lamest picture of himself he could find.

The second is Whitney Maymon Massage. Whitney is one of Primal's many great athletes (she's punchcarding right now) and an awesome massage therapist. I have personally been worked on by Whitney and she is legit. I got a quick 40 minute massage before work one day. Afterwards, I didn't even mind coming into work because I was so refreshed and relaxed. And that's pretty legit because I hate my fucking job. Yes, massage sessions are a little expensive, but definitely worth it. They are excellent in aiding recovery, which will be very important during our Olympic lifting phase. Whitney also left some discount coupons at Primal. So if you're considering a massage, hit her up. Whitney is skilled, professional, and has a boyfriend who isn't me (typical).

In lieu of this post, be sure to make use of the other websites provided as well, especially Robb Wolf's site - an amazing resource for nutrition information.

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