WOD - 02/19/10

Snatch technique: 6-8 minutes

Snatch: heavy single
Front Squat: heavy single, then 4x2 @ 90% (of HS)

1:30 Plank hold
Rest 30 seconds
1:00 Superman hold
Rest 30 seconds
1:00 Plank hold
:45 Superman hold
Rest 30 seconds
:45 Plank hold
Rest 30 seconds
:30 Superman hold
(there was probably an easier way to write this)

Snatches should be to full squat depth - avoid power snatching and riding it down into an overhead squat, actively pull yourself under the bar!
Two weeks in...

If you've been coming in regularly and haven't taken one of these yet, you're either stupid or you're not working hard enough. I'm sorry I'm not sorry.


  1. Come on, like you've ever taken an ice bath. If you're sore enough to need an ice bath, how the hell are you going to carry all those bags of ice from your car to the bath tub?

  2. I've taken many an ice bath, Nils. And they suck balls. But after 10 minutes of misery, you feel like a new man. Good for the muscles, joints, and enhancing recovery.

  3. Maybe we can all just get in our jim jams and sit in the dirty snow outside the gym. We can make friends with the rats and various drug dealers. I will name my rat Penny, and she will love me for who I am.