WOD - 02/04/10

Double-unders: 10 minutes

Bulgarian Split Squat Jumps 6x3 (each leg); no weight; rest 120 sec between sets

2 Rounds:
7 Slapping/Clapping Push-ups
5 Box Jumps (hip height)

Rest ~2 minutes

2 Rounds:
Row 100m
7 DB Push Press (45/30)

Rest ~2 minutes

Max Double-unders in 90 seconds

Lacrosse Ball Soft Tissue Work

Do not speed through BSSJ, focus on form and execution; metcon is light and power-biased, go full force, embrace rest, continue; finish with lacrosse ball work on shoulders, legs, and back - you will need it for Friday...


  1. so tomorrow calls for rest. But with that said, I just want to point out some irony. Case and point, the 24 hour fad of posting your Facebook name's meaning from Urban Dictionary:

    "A sexy beast. One with a huge cock, and gigantic balls. Known for being sweet and gentle when it comes to women. The females dig Simon. Often used to describe a good friend that wouldn't leave other friends if they had a flat tire. Hung like a dragon."

    The third sentence completely contradicts the first. We all know that being kind and gentle equals a tool. But, as a Simon I can be in the friendzone and still banging those hot ladies? Maybe I need to change up my game now. And Hung like a Dragon fits perfectly because I am year of the Dragon. So fuck y'all (and yes, that is with a North Carolina twang), I'm going to go bang some ... girls who need their flat tires changed.

  2. I'm really digging the names of these exercises. Can we do Sumatran Double-Fisted Bang-Bangs on Friday? I hear they really burn.